Family and Community Engagement Strategy Projects

The FACES project is an initiative that extends the Welcome to Kindergarten™ program beyond the first phase of the Family Orientation. The FACES projects broaden and deepen the impact of the Welcome to Kindergarten™ program by providing follow-up support such as:

The Learning Partnership has completed an exciting three year provincial project called, FACES (Family and Community Engagement Strategy).  The goal of this project was to extend and enrich the Welcome to Kindergarten Program and provide further community/school based support for the families of young children. With funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the FACES project was implemented in three Ontario communities - Cornwall, Durham and Sudbury.

​WHY do we need FACES?

Pascal Report, With Our Best Future in Mind and other literature stress the critical need to include parents in powerful and meaningful ways in their child’s early learning.
“Joint responsibility between educators and parents is an important difference maker when it comes to the developmental process of children”
“Outreach to parents….but some parents need to be brought into the process through flexible program models that support two way partnership”

Watch this Video developed for parents by partners in the Durham FACES Project
Joan Green Presentation at FACES Symposium (April 2013)
FACES Project Evaluation Summary (May 2013)
Over the past 5 years, the evaluations of Welcome to Kindergarten™ program have demonstrated:

  • Parent/caregivers want more ideas and strategies to help them in their role as their child’s first teacher.
  • School personnel claim the Welcome to Kindergarten™ program works and does make a difference
  • The one orientation session is not enough time.
  • Many schools report that it is difficult to make connections with community partners
  • Projects in Durham (North and South Oshawa), Cornwall, North Bay and Sudbury are powerful success stories of programs using some of the enrichment strategies.
The Goal of FACES: To Enhance Family Engagement with schools and community services.

  • Build on local capacity
  • Identify needs or conduct an assessment of need
  • Work with and support a local community coordination committee
  • Share possible engagement strategies
  • Develop a collaborative plan
  • Create or refine early learning resources for families and partners
  • Provide or facilitate required training for community partners
  • Evaluate the impact of the program strategies
  • Transfer knowledge – community specific strategies
Our Community Partners include:

  • Best Start Networks
  • School Boards / Districts
  • Settlement Workers In Schools
  • Public Health Units
  • Public Libraries
  • Child Care Centres
  • Native Friendship Centres
  • OEYC
  • Other Children & Family Services

For more information contact:

Valerie Sterling
Family and Community Engagement Manager
Phone: 416 440 5121
Email: vsterling@thelearningpartnership.ca