Welcome to Kindergarten™

Welcome to Kindergarten™

Making starting school an exciting, successful and happy experience

I don’t go to SCHOOL.
I’m only FOUR.
When I’m FIVE I can go to KINDERGARTEN!

A great education begins with a great kindergarten experience.
One in four children who start kindergarten is not ready for their first day in the classroom. Starting school can be exciting or excruciating for four-year olds and their parents/caregivers.  We want to make starting school an exciting, successful and happy experience.
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What is Welcome to Kindergarten?

Our Welcome to Kindergarten™ program helps prepare pre-kindergarten children for a positive start to their school journey. Parents/Caregivers and their children attend orientation sessions at their neighbourhood school where they receive early learning and literacy resources, and learn how to use them at home. The orientation helps create the foundation for positive relationships between parents, teachers and community agencies that sets the stage for a smooth transition to school and future success. 

The Welcome to Kindergarten™ is a unique parent engagement strategy that brings together parents, children, schools and community service agencies to achieve the goal of giving parents/caregivers the strategies, resources and all the support necessary to make early learning activity and play a priority in the home – to prepare the child for a fun and successful first year in school.
Who benefits from the Welcome to Kindergarten™ Program?
Pre-school children:
Builds foundations for learning for children, so starting kindergarten can be a happy, exciting and successful experience. The Welcome to Kindergarten™ bag filled with valuable resources helps children learn:
  • Listening and speaking
  • Sharing and turn-taking
  • Self-regulation, self-confidence
  • Vocabulary, following directions
  • Print, alphabet and number awareness
  • Enjoyment of stories and books
  • Hand and finger coordination for cutting, colouring, pasting, writing
  • Creative thinking and exploring
Empowers parents/caregivers to be the child’s first and best teacher. They receive the support and expertise through this program to use early learning activities and play with their children. Family orientations in the schools build mutual trust and confidence. Families also receive our popular Welcome to Kindergarten™ bag filled with books, games and invaluable knowledge resources.
School and Community Service:
The Welcome to Kindergarten™ program encourages school personnel to reach out to local community service agencies to collaborate, plan and deliver their Welcome to Kindergarten™ Family Orientations. This is a win-win for all. Benefits include:
  • School teams learn of the early childhood expertise in their community
  • Community agencies develop positive relationships with schools and build awareness of their family support programs
  • Families learn of the support in their community and hear common messages
To find out more about getting the Welcome to Kindergarten Program in your school, please email info@thelearningpartnership.ca
How the Welcome to Kindergarten™ Program Works
Training for Educators and Community Partners

The Welcome to Kindergarten™ team trains educators and community partners to implement the program in their community. e-Learning is provided through our on-line training program to all educators and community partners registered to participate in the Welcome to Kindergarten™ program. Extension and enrichment resources have been developed to support the WTK program and continued use of the resources. Please see WTK, Early Learning Resources.


Welcome to Kindergarten Parent Survey:                       We value your voice – please take time to complete the Parent Survey.

We aspire to….
Continue making the first day in the classroom a happy and successful experience for all pre-school children in all communities in Canada. We will continue to collaborate with schools, business and community agencies to implement the Welcome to Kindergarten program as an integral tool to support families of pre-school children.

Early Learning Resources offers extension and enrichment resources have been developed to support the WTK program and continued use of the resources. 
Program Evaluations:
The Learning Partnership regularly evaluates the impact of the Welcome to Kindergarten™ program on early literacy and school readiness of children. For details click on link.
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Meet the WTK Team

School Districts participating:  Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia
  • 111 school districts
  • 2681 schools
  • 104,082 families of pre-school children

Welcome to Kindergarten Parent Survey:
We value for voice – please take time to participate

Reference Guide to Building Community Partnerships
What's in the WTK bag? English

​If you are not a ‘Welcome to Kindergarten’ school yet and would like to find out more about this program, please contact: 

Karen Rallis
Program Manager
Phone: 416 440 5118
Email: krallis@thelearningpartnership.cainfo@thelearningpartnership.ca

Thank you to TD Bank Financial Services for being our National Partner for the Welcome to Kindergarten™ program!