Take Our Kids to Work™

Take Our Kids to WorkTM

I LIKE school and I LEARN a lot.
BUT when people ask me WHAT I want to be when I GROW up – I am LOST.
I am confused. How do I find my CAREER path?

Connecting students with the world of work.  Thank you for making 2013, our 19th annual Take Our Kids to Work™ program an outstanding success! The Learning Partnership’s 19th annual Take Our Kids to Work™ day was a very successful, exciting event for more than 250,000 Grade 9 students across the country!

Our thanks to the 75,000 employers across Canada who hosted students on November 6, 2013. Your commitment to young people has given many students unique learning experiences and valuable knowledge that will help them make informed decisions as they plan their futures... read the full story.
Research suggests that today’s students will have multiple careers over the span of their working years. To be successful, they will need to master both new technologies and complex social and organizational systems. Learning in school becomes more effective and relevant if students can see where their education might lead them in the future.  Spending a ‘day in the life’ of a profession or workplace is a fun and fascinating way to explore the world of work, think about career options, and make informed educational decisions.
Did you know
  • This program is designed for Grade 9 or equivalent students across Canada
  • Take Our Kids to Work Day falls on the first Wednesday in November every year
  • More than 250,000 students and 75,000 organizations take part every year
  • Take Our Kids to Workis our oldest program, launched in 1994 and spans every province and terriroty in Canada
  • Take Our Kids to Work™ is a unique way to experience 'A day in the life' of a profession or work
  • Organizations who register for Take Our Kids to Work™ are eligible to apply for The Learning Partnership's Canada’s Outstanding Employers Award

What is Take Our Kids to WorkTM program?
Take Our Kids to WorkTM is an annual national program in which Grade 9 (or equivalent) students are hosted by parents, relatives and volunteers at workplaces across the country every November. The program supports career development by helping students connect school, the world of work, and their own futures. Employers who register for this program are eligbile to apply for the Canada's Outstanding Employers Award. Take Our Kids to Work™ is our signature program which began in 1994 in the Greater Toronto area. Today, students across Canada, from Nunavut to Newfoundland participate in the program.

On the first Wednesday of every November Grade 9, Senior 1 (Manitoba) and Secondary III (Quebec) students spend the day in the workplace of a parent, relative, friend or volunteer experiencing and learning about the world of work as
they begin to explore possible career paths.

Tips to involve all students

  • Encourage parents and friends to take their son, daughter and/or a friend with them to work.
  • Bring your own child to work with you if he/she is the appropriate age.
  • Work with the cooperative education teacher to identify potential workplaces.
  • Encourage your school and school board to involve its own employees.
  • Invite workplaces that have been involved in the past to expand their participation.​

Who Benefits From the Take Our Kids to Work Program?
The program benefits students, teachers, schools, parents, communities, organizations – and Canada’s future workforce.

Students:  Experience the world of work first hand.

Students benefit because - it’s an opportunity for them to explore career options, through:

Parents: Introduce your child to your workplace and co-workers.

Parents benefit because  - it helps them prepare their children for the future by:

Teachers: Help your students experience a day in the life of a mentor.

Teachers benefit because - the Take Our Kids to Work program allows real life experiences to bridge with learning in the classroom.

Employers: Play a role in the development of young Canadians by hosting a student.

Employers Benefit because - the program is an ideal way to enhance corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Your company becomes eligible to apply for the Canada’s Outstanding Employers Award simply by registering your participation with us. So register today! All registered companies that participate in Take Our Kids to Work™ day will be recognized on our website. Registered companies will also be asked to participate on in our post-event survey.

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For more information on Take Our Kids to Work™ contact:

Albert Ko
School to Work Analyst
Phone: 416-440-5128