Getting Started

Getting Started

    How to get started with the Entrepreneurial Adventure Program

    Partners are matched in the fall of the school year, and the programs operate between January and May. Entrepreneurial Advantage Showcases are held in cities across Canada at the end of May every year.

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    Teachers and Business
    Partners Timelines:
    • September: Register on the Entrepreneurial Adventure website at www.venturecafe.ca
    • Upon registration, gain access to resources and information
    • December: Professional development workshop is provided
    • December: Meeting with business partner
    • Planning time is coordinated between partners
    • “Seed money” may be needed to begin the business venture
    • January: Classroom visitations begin and a timetable is set for future visitations
    • January: Project implementation begins
    • May: Showcase celebrations – the Big Day!

    Why Entrepreneurial Adventure?
    The program benefits not just the teachers, business partner volunteers and students, but the entrepreneurial ventures become a point of pride for communities and generally result in funds being raised to support special causes.
    By instilling a sense of entrepreneurial adventure in the students, the program also opens the door for economic development and innovative projects to occur in communities and could effectively reduce the amount of youth out-migration by illustrating the boundless opportunities that an entrepreneurial venture provides.
    What's in it for Students? What's in it for Teachers? The Role of the Teacher
    Call to Action: Teachers register your class now to start your Entrepreneurial Adventure program by clicking here.

    What's in it for Business Partners? The Role of the Business Partner Call to Action: Business Partners register your services now - students and teachers are waiting in the wings for your support and mentorship! Click here.
    For more information on this program, please contact:

    Lesa Semcesen
    Entrepreneurial Adventure National Manager and GTA
    Phone: 416-440-5111
    Email: lsemcesen@thelearningpartnership.ca

    EA Regional Program Managers:

    Garry Jeffrey
    Email: gjeffrey@thelearningpartnership.ca

    Bruce Gale
    Email: bgale@thelearningpartnership.ca

    Eric Estabrooks
    Email: eestabrooks@thelearningpartnership.ca

    Terry Wadden
    Halifax Email: twadden@thelearningpartnership.ca

    Carol Scaini
    Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo
    Email: cscaini@thelearningpartnership.ca

    Torre Hansson
    Email: thansson@thelearningpartnership.ca