Upcoming Research Projects

1. Resilience.
With the generous support of the Max Bell Foundation, we were able to complete a literature review with Dr. Michael Unger that points to a lack of Canadian research on the subject of resilience in early adolescents.

Full paper
Executive summary 
National Dialogue on Resilience in Youth 2008 Conference

2. Multi-agency partnerships.
FACES Evaluation. We are in our third year of an exciting provincial project, FACES (Family and Community Engagement Strategy).
The Ontario Trillium Foundation funds the FACES project and its goal is to enhance each community’s ability to support families and young children during the transition to school. A research team from Nipissing University completed the evaluation and points to the importance of multi-agency collaboration to support student success.

Executive Summary
Summary Report
Full Report
3. Engaging Boy for Success.
In 2011, we worked with the Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office in Toronto to address their concerns about boys from Afghanistan
who were attending school in the area. These boys were struggling and frequently not completing secondary school. We coordinated a discussion in the community, bringing together people who shared an interest in supporting the community and Afghan boys and their families. In 2013, we expanded the project to eight school boards across Ontario. Our findings from working with the Afghan community in Thorncliffe Park suggest strategies for supporting the academic success of boys for vulnerable populations are needed.

Executive Summary
Full Report

​4. It’s Their Future: A Pan-Canadian Study of Career Education
In late 2013, we are releasing an environmental scan on nationwide approaches to preparing students for their future careers and post-secondary education pathways.

Executive Summary - released in early December 2013
Full Report - released in early December 2013
Info Graphic - released in early December 2013
5. Issue Briefs: Reports on the Quality of Public Education in Canada

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