Case Studies

We aspire to…
Continue to put the most up-to-date knowledge and well-recorded case studies  into the hands of educators across Canada. These tools and resources give educators the ability to prepare students for our complex and changing world.

CASE STUDY #1 - Aboriginal community offered the gift of language and culture.

Dan Summers, Principal of Deninu School, Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories and a 2012 Canada's Outstanding Principals award winner, describes the great steps the Deninu School and its district have taken to help strengthen the pride in the Chipewyan language. Full story…

CASE STUDY #2 - Finland leads the way in vocational education.

Vocational education had a bad reputation in Finland 20 years ago. Today, Finland is one of several European countries
providing the option for 16-year-olds to choose technical and vocational studies rather than to continue academic
learning in high school and purse liberal arts degrees. Full Story…

CASE STUDY #3 - Does year-round schooling improve student success?
In a Globe and Mail article, Joan Hamilton, Principal of Roberta Bondar Public School in Brampton, Ontario, and a 2013 Canada's Outstanding Principals award winner, describes her experiences and results of a longitudinal, study of Kindergarten to Grade 8 students who attend a year-round school. Full Story…

CASE STUDY #4 - An Atlantic business-education partnership helping students from vulnerable communities! 

The Partners Assisting Local Schools (P.A.L.S.) program provides mentors to at-risk students. Over the past 13 years,
students havereceived extra help with reading, writing and math, and the program has had a huge impact on students from vulnerable communities. Full Story…

CASE STUDY #5 - Calgary Board of Education: Creating technology hubs for student success.

The Calgary Board of Education has created a unique model for offering technical and vocational training in applied fields of study. Working with industry experts, students access industry standard learning opportunities that offer work experience and lead to recognized post-secondary and industry credentials. Full Story…

CASE STUDY #6 - Prince Edward Island: Transitions Program - An innovative career education opportunity.
In its first year, 16 students were enrolled, and since then it has grown to more than 80 students annually. This Ttransitions Pprogram helps disengaged students by offering learning alternatives. It works to build confidence and prepare students properly for a smooth transition to post-secondary life. Full Story…

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