Leading Learning Through Technology

Leading Learning through Technology (formerly Round Table on Technology)

Advancements in information and communication technologies (ICT) are transforming classrooms everywhere. The challenge is to make sure school administrators, teachers and students reap the greatest benefits from technology in the classrooms of the 21st century.
Leading Learning through Technology - LLT (formerly Round Table on Technology) is a dynamic community of private and public sector partners, established in 2008, who share a common vision for the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education. Through presentations from industry experts, education practitioners and policy developers, LLT provides a knowledge exchange forum where participants share best practices with colleagues from other school boards, technology experts and private sector ICT businesses to learn how best to optimize the use of technology in schools. 
Learning from the private sector and sharing best practices and research has made the Leading Learning through Technology a go-to event for over 10 years. The half-day sessions provide a venue to hear about board ICT policy development, strategic planning and successful student based initiatives. 

Benefits of Leading Learning Through Technology Program 

We engage 90 corporate, education, government, labour and not-for-profit members by hosting four events per year
to discuss specific Information and Communication Technologies issues in education. Mini-Summits engage educationprofessionals about topics such as Online Social Networking, Online Communities for Professional Development, and case studiesof effective uses of ICT for learning and teaching. For boards that are members, there will be opportunities to build ICT networks in other provinces as well as following ICT initiatives in the United States.
How Does Leading Learning Through Technology Program Work?
There are two levels of participation.
Level One: Includes all educators, businesses, non-profit organizations that are involved in using ICT as a teaching tool to enhance teaching and learning for students. There are three events, which include two half-day meetings and a full day mini summit. There is a registration fee for each event and can be completed online.
Level Two: Includes all those who have become a member of Leading Learning through Technology. There is a board member fee as well as a corporate member fee. The LLT members are entitled to the following: Moderators for the event have included senior executives from various national and international ICT innovators. Last year, Willa Black, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Cisco Canada was the moderator for the May mini-summit.

LLT Recognizing Excellence  - Exemplary Practices

This year, we were pleased to initiate our Recognizing Excellence program  that highlights exemplary practices whereeducators are engaging and inspiring students through the meaningful integration of technology into curriculum delivery and other classroom practices.

Certificates were awarded to the following innovative educators at our spring Mini-Summit:

Jeff DeMacio, Donald Cousens Public School, York Region District School Board
Jeff Demacio embodies lifelong learning and innovation and is a fantastic role model for students and staff. He considers himself an ‘explorer of useful technologies’ for learning because he sees the power of 21st Century literacies to engage and advance student learning. Finding ways for his students to apply what they are learning to real-life is top of mind when Jeff plans, instructs and assesses. Jeff is a master of leveraging emerging technologies to transform traditional tasks so they are more meaningful and relevant to his students.

Examples of some of Jeff’s projects include:
Angie Scarano-Iuorio, Assistive Technology Central Coordinator – Special Education Department, Toronto District School Board and her team

The TDSB Assistive Technology Team is a coordinated, multidisciplinary team supporting the needs of schools with assistive technology.

The Special Education Assistive Technology Team has taken a strategic, exemplary approach to the Ontario Ministry ofEducation Special Equipment Amount (SEA) funding. In addition to providing the required equipment and standard raining, this team has developed a professional learning offering that extends over 600 unique Board-wide learning opportunities. Working from the ideology that “what is essential for some, is beneficial for all” they have innovated a sustainable model to increase student engagement and achievement using assistive technology.

This approach has seen traditional assistive technology like text Help Read and Write Gold become integrated as education software that is available for all teachers and students in the TDSB on-site and at home. It is now also being widely used when students are writing EQAO. With respect to the EQAO, TDSB reports that for students with exceptionalities, there is a trend that shows a decrease in exemptions and the number of students who are accessing assistive technology as an accommodation has increased through EQAO pilot.
The Learning Partnership’s Leading Learning through Technology is delighted to recognize innovative educators. Congratulations!

For more information about any of the levels of participation please contact: 

Heli Vail
Director of Technology Strategy
Phone: 416 440 5123
Email: hvail@thelearningpartnership.ca