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Capturing the student voice on education - today and for the future


It’s My Future!

As a result of our 2012 Summit on the Future of Education in Canada, we realized that we needed to ask students what they wanted from our publicly funded education system. We believe students have a voice in shaping the future of education – so we launched It’s My Future. This initiative from The Learning Partnership is about going across Canada to talk with students in high schools and universities.  
Did you know?

It’s My Future! is a dialogue with secondary and post-secondary students across Canada. This initiative will: Through this discussion with Canadian students, The Learning Partnership’s goal is is to improve Canada’s understanding of the gaps that students experience in education that impact their transitions out of the public school system and into the work force. In particular, we hope to gain significant insights into how students think about and plan for life after school.
Students, do you have an opinion?
We want to know what you think.  
Three ways you can share your voice:
  1. Online survey: complete the survey now!
  2. Twitter: use the hashtag #ItsMyFuture and join the conversation
  3. Youth Forums: SAVE THE DATES and be sure to attend in person any one of our youth forums across Canada
This is your chance to help shape the future of education in Canada.

Youth Forums Across Canada

Youth forums are being held across Canada over the next few months. If you would like to be involved, we will be in your community soon:
Moncton: October 15, 2013 (English) and October 16, 2013 (French)
Vancouver: November 6, 2013
Calgary: November 7, 2013
Winnipeg: November 14, 2013 (tentative)
Toronto: Spring 2014 (English and French)
Regina: Spring 2014 (English and French)      
Sudbury: Spring 2014 (English and French)
Montreal: Spring 2014 (French)
The national online survey will also explore: Students participating in the 2013 Take Our Kids to WorkTM day on November 6 will be asked to complete the survey. If you are a high school student and would like to participate, take the survey here and be heard.  This is your chance to help shape the future of education in Canada.
The It’s My Future findings will be shared with federal and provincial governments, as well as school boards, community organizations and business leaders, to ensure that all key stakeholders hear the voices of Canada’s youth

LATEST NEWS:   It’s My Future! National student survey on education is underway!

November 25, 2013

The It’s My Future project is a cross Canada discussion with students about their experiences in Canadian schools. In the past 2 months The Learning Partnership has visited Moncton, Vancouver,  Calgary and Winnipeg to talk to students about their education. We are seeking information on the following 3 items from the student perspective:
a)       What is working well in education?
b)       Where are the opportunities for enhancement?
c)       What information are students using to make post- secondary choices?  What information would they like to have that they don’t currently receive?

Thus far, the students that participated have been extremely pleased with this consultation and grateful for the opportunity to participate in a national discussion about their future. Overall, students are positive about their educational experience, However, they have concerns for the future.
While we are not even half way through the project yet, we are already hearing some consistent feedback:
1.      Students would like more individualized learning and recognition of different learning styles
2.      There is a need for a smoother transition to post-secondary or the work world - including more opportunities for experiential learning that expose students to the workplace.
3.      Students have concerns about the cost of education and student debt.

Planning is also underway for an online student survey.
The Learning Partnership would like to thank all of those who have participated to date. Contact Gareth Blair at to find out if we are coming to your community.
For more information on It’s My Future contact:

Gerry Connelly
Director, Policy & Knowledge Mobilization
Phone: 416 440 5125 
Gareth Blair
Manager, Policy & Knowledge Mobilization
Phone: 416 440 5103