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Public Education 2.0

On November 28 and 29, 2012 The Learning Partnership hosted a Summit on the Future of Education in Canada with leaders from the education, government and business communities. The purpose was to discuss the world today's students will inhabit and what skills and abilities they will need to succeed. The initial results from the Summit are presented in the report, Public Education 2.0.

Participants included Canadian leaders in business, education, and government, including:

Participants agreed that, for Canada to retain its leading  international ranking for educational achievement, it is vital to respond in a timely way to the challenges and opportunities of a labour-market skills mismatch, an aging demographic, a changing global economy and revolutionary changes in technology that will impact on teaching and learning.

What The Learning Partnership heard at this event was a willingness and desire from all the participants to help shape Canada’s education system. In particular, the business community believes that they can do more to support educators. There were six priority areas identified:

  1. Student Engagement
  2. Kindergarten to Post Secondary/Work Approach to Education
  3. Higher Order Skills Development
  4. Technology in Schools
  5. Private/Public Partnerships
  6. At Risk Students and Vulnerable Populations

It was recommended that The Learning Partnership host a series of education dialogues across Canada that includes students as well as education, government and business leaders to further enhance the recommendations and priorities contained in the Report.

As a result of these recommendations, The Learning Partnership is expanding the dialogue to involve other stakeholders across Canada, including youth by:

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Link to Globe and Mail article written by The Honourable Kevin Lynch summarizing the Summit dialogue

Exploring New Pathways to Student Success: Promoting, Advancing and Supporting Business-Education Partnerships

The Learning Partnership hosted a Summit on the Future of Education in Canada. The participants included Canadian leaders in business, education, and government. The Summit participants called for a National Task-Force on business education partnership and identified six priority themes:

1.  Student Engagement 
2.  K-16/Work Approach
3.  Higher order skills 
4.  Technology in schools 
5.  Private-Public Partnerships 
6.  Vulnerable and at risk Population Groups

The Summit participants agreed that, although Canada is a world-leader education to overcome the current economic and social challenges the business sector needs to work with educators to ensure equity of outcomes for all students. Students from vulnerable populations groups are more likely to be negatively impacted by our current labour skills mismatch and revolutionary changes in technology
that are impacting teaching and learning. The business community believes it can play a role in ensuring
success for all students.

Following up on the recommendations outlined in the summit summary paper Public Education 2.0, The Learning Partnership is undertaking three new initiatives:

It’s My Future
The Business Education Task-Force 
Education Summits 2013

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