About Us

Founded in 1993, The Learning Partnership is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing publicly funded education in Canada. We do this by bringing together business, government, school boards, teachers, parents, labour and community organizations across Canada in a spirit of long term committed partnerships. Read our History
Our twenty-year track record of success is attributed to the strength and commitment of our partners. They enable us to deliver nnovative programs for students, executive leadership and networking opportunities for educators, and initiatives to obilize knowledge and policy to engage all Canadians. We also regularly recognize and honour those individuals who are making a significant difference in the lives of our young people and to publicly funded education in Canada. 

Our goal is to continue to build lasting bridges between the education and business communities, and through these collaborations, enable students to strive for personal and academic excellence, and success in the workplace. 

The Learning Partnership is unique – five reasons why
  • We have an unparalleled network of educators across Canada with program staff who are qualified and highly experienced educators
  • We have earned the respect and confidence of business, government and education sectors
  • All of our student programs are fully integrated into provincial curricula across Canada – no extracurricular time required
  • We are the only education not-for-profit organization that has a national focus on enhancing public education
  • Through partnerships with Business Schools, our Executive Leadership Training is the only one in Canada that incorporates business management skills and cross-sector networking for leaders in education.

In Canada, education is delivered and regulated provincially. We are the only organization with a national focus that:

Our Vision

We believe in a strong, dynamic public education system valued by all Canadians and one that is recognized as the cornerstone of a civil and prosperous society.

Our Mission

We collaborate with business and other stakeholders to support, promote and advance publicly funded education in Canada. We are committed to five key deliverables - innovative student programs, policy and knowledge mobilization, executive leadership for educators, tribute celebrations of excellence and ongoing collaborations across Canada.

Did You know


The scope of our work, influence and operations is nationwide – touching every province and territory in Canada. 

Innovative programs and initiatives are the driving force behind the work of The Learning Partnership. We focus on FIVE key areas:
  1. Student Programs:  to ensure students develop healthy attitudes, relevant skills and are empowered to compete successfully in a complex global economy and drive Canada's continued competitive edge
  2. Educator Programs and Executive Leadership: to strengthen leadership for principals and senior education officers because great leaders create great schools
  3. Knowledge Mobilization: to connect ideas and credible research with stakeholders in education, business and the community by moving knowledge across provincial boundaries and shining light on successful practices in education
  4. Collaborations: to build meaningful partnerships with business, industry, education, government and community stakeholders, so together we can drive thought leadership and deliver results
  5. Tributes and Celebration Events: to recognize leaders for their outstanding contributions to advancing publicly funded education in Canada and together celebrate the success of our students and teachers
For details of all our programs and initiatives please go to What We Do.